Night-time Care Routine for A Beautiful Skin Over the Years
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Night-time Care Routine for A Beautiful Skin Over the Years

Skin – the largest organ of the body and the most visible part! This goes without saying that we have to take care of the same in the best possible way.

Now, we have all heard about the famous “beauty sleep”! Your skin cells get regenerated during the evening. And so while you have look your best during the day time and get prepared accordingly, you also have to pamper your skin at night as it is the prime time to restore it.

Your night-time routine is important also because there are no stressors of the environment or pollution at this time and so the products applied can penetrate better at night when the skin breathes freely.

The experts suggest the following night-time routine.

Remove Your Makeup –

This is the first and foremost thing that you need to do. Makeup that stays on the skin for the whole day must be removed so that your skin feels light and can breathe free. Your area around the eyes is the most sensitive one and it is also the first area to show the ageing signs. So don’t scrub and tug on this portion hard. Use a gentle remover that won’t be hard on the skin and will remove the makeup without harming the skin.

Opt for Cleansing –

Cleansing happens to be an essential step in your night care routine but is often overlooked. For the next step to work better it is necessary that you do away with the extra sebum and dirt form your face. In order to remove the foundation, BB cream or concealer, use an oil cleanser. Massage it on the face and then rinse it with water. Opt for a water-based cleanser if you are not wearing any make-up. Just make sure that it does not irritate the eyes or make the skin feel dry.

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Toning Must Follow –

Toning happens to be the most decisive of all the steps involved in the night-time skincare routine. People either follow this regularly or find it an extra step that has no practical usage. But experts always suggest going for it as it helps in maintaining the pH balance of the skin and calibrates the skin. Especially for those who have oily skin toning adjusts the moisture level.

Treat –

This is the time when you customise your night-care routine and address the specific needs of your skin. This can be either a prescription stuff or a serum. Spot therapies can also be applied now. A retinoid product prescribed by your dermatologist can also be applied at this point. On the basis of the skin-type of yours, you can apply a hydrating or brightening serum.

Don’t Forget to Moisturize –

Last but not the least, moisturization helps to lock-in the goodness that you have applied on your skin after ensuring that it stays hydrated. That is why after applying a quality product like Luminesce advanced night repair your skin feels supple and plump. Opt for a moisturizer that is light and does not leave behind a residue. Choose a product that won’t clog your pore or induce any breakout.

Follow these steps and maintain a youthful, glowing and soft skin year after year.

Infographic Provided By Dermal Filler Injections Company, Revanesse

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