Reasons Your Skin Is Worse in the Winter
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Reasons Your Skin Is Worse in the Winter

Winter is the time for hibernation and your skin is not an exception to that.

Most of us have noticed that our skin turns particularly dry and dull with enhanced chances of breakouts during the dreary cold months.

But there are more than one reason for the skin to look tragic during the colder months of winter. Some of them are enlisted here.

Reason 1 – Air Lacking Moisture

In general winters are quite dry and this happens partly because of the dry winds blowing around during this time. Because of the temperature drop the air gets dry and it fails to retain the moisture, too. When the skin is dry, it loses its moisture as well. All these lead to cracked rough lips, feet and skin and dryness and enhanced facial fine lines. Keep the skin moist and keep yourself hydrated.

Reason 2 – Central Heating and Dry Air

Most of us turn up the central heating system to combat the cold during the winter months. In the offices, restaurants and shops as well it is the same story. Artificial heat further decreases the moisture in the air and staying in this ambience dries out the skin further. Dry skin augments the breakouts as there is a layer of dead cells on the surface of the skin that prevents the sebum from freely flowing. You can invest in a humidifier for home if you want to rebalance the level of moisture in the air. You can also carry a thermal spray that can help you to keep the skin comfortable when you spend time in the heated office or shared space.

Reason 3 – Messed Up Daily Routines

Winters often end up providing different vibes and it is capable of messing up your schedule as well. Added to that, the lack of sunlight also gives rise to a feeling of gloom that makes us a bit demotivated and the preference shifts to doing the things that are essential and skincare does not make it to the list anymore. This results in uneven skintone, blemishes and dull-looking skin as well.

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During winter, it is essential that you use the best moisturiser and take good care of your skin so that it retains its radiance and avoids breakouts at any cost.

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