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5 Fabulous Benefits of Practising Yoga Daily

Originating in ancient India, yoga is one form of exercise that is being embraced by people from all over the world. A tremendous upsurge in the popularity of yoga has been witnessed in the last few decades primarily because of the multifaceted benefits that yoga has to offer. A fit and flexible body, weight loss, […]

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Working From Home: What are The Best Ways To Stay Healthy?

In terms of your professional and work lives, working from home can be highly beneficial. Working from home has many advantages, but staying healthy isn’t always easy. Whether you work remotely often or for the first time, here are some health tips for working from home.

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3 Fun Trampoline Games to Get Your Little Ones Exercise Vigorously

It is a common problem among most kids, these days, that they are almost, always reluctant to go and play outside. They are addicted to their computer and stay glued to the sofa or their bed playing games. In fact, so much so, that you may end up thinking that today’s kids have a much […]

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