Effects of cold weather on your health

Effects of cold weather on your health

The weather does have a big impact on our health. Whether it’s baking hot summer of freezing cold winter, the body is bound to be impacted on some levels and to some extent. As the mercury drops in the winter, a variety of season-inflamed and weather-driven health problems start to grip us. The coldness in the air brings different risks, and older adults are particularly susceptible to bad health. Similarly, winter is known to causing or aggravating a myriad of health conditions so taking extra care of the body becomes necessary. But yes, some precautions ca help you brave any weather with ease.      

Here are some of effects of cold weather on your health –


For asthma patients, cold weather is definitely a troubled time. They may find breathing even more difficult when the conditions turn extremely cold. After all, their airways tighten due to freeing temperature outside and in some case, the respiratory rate also goes up, forcing many to breathe through the mouths. The easiest way for asthma patients to face the brutality of cold weather is by having an inhaler ready at all times.  


Cold weather is also the worst time when it comes to allergies. The season may not have high pollutant levels in the air but being confined indoors for most time is perhaps the reason behind higher cases of allergies during the winter. Naturally, being indoor means you will be away from fresh air most of the time and you will also be in contact with dust, air germs and allergens inside the house.   

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The winter is definitely a bad time for people with arthritis. During this time of the year, there will be inflammation of the joints causing more pain than any other time of the year. Similarly, the cold weather makes the barometric pressure to rise which can make arthritis symptoms and joint problems to surface from the slumber and cause pain. This is also the time when the stiffness of the joins come calling to create more pain in the body.   

Heart attack and stroke

It’s common thing to note how the cases of heart attacks go up during the winter and this has a lot to do with the coldness in the air. This also happens as arteries constrict due to exposure to colder climates preventing the blood flow and putting extra pressure on the heart. For those at risks of heart attack should take steps to maintain an active lifestyle and get proper diet to negate the risks of winter months.   

Migraines and sinus issues

Come the winter and we know doctors get more patients with complaints of mild to severe headaches. This happens due to falling temperatures outside leading to atmospheric change in proportion to a drop in barometric pressure. This is how problems of migraines and sinus issues happen so frequently and intensely in some cases as well.  

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