How Meditation Helps to Reduce Stress
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How Meditation Helps to Reduce Stress

Anxiety and stress are part and parcels of our daily existence. In today’s hectic lifestyle, where there is hardly any time to stop, we often end up ignoring ourselves and our well-being.

We experience stress and anxiety when we go through adverse situations that are greater than what our resources permit us to satisfy or cope up with.  Here you need to comprehend and analyse the demand and supply of our mental resources in order to handle the situation appropriately.

In most circumstances we feel the urge to respond to all the pressures irrespective of whether the perceived stress factor is at all valid or not. That is why when we are stressed we need to understand that whether we truly need to respond or not.  

This is where meditation comes in and helps us to discriminate between the essential stressors where we need to respond and not so vital ones that can be ignored. Meditation helps us to relax because it gives us the clarity and space to distinguish between the two types. This is what the demand side of the resource is.

The other side happens to be the supply side where we need to focus on how we can increase the resources. It has been revealed through scientific studies that our brain is extraordinarily capable to transform throughout life. This plasticity of our brains is what is utilised through meditation. We are able to increase the mental resources by training our mind which is made possible by meditation.

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You can meditate under someone’s observation and guidance. Or you can also go about it on your own. Here are some of the techniques with the help of which you can practise meditation on your own.

Engage in Prayer –

This is the best known and most widely used technique for meditation. You can use self-words or go for spoken and written prayers of your faith or that of the one which you wish to follow.

Breathe Deeply –

Breathing is a natural function and so this technique is great for beginners. You should feel and listen as you breathe and focus all your attention on your breathing.

Scan and Focus on Your Body –

Focus on the various parts of the body during the process and also be aware of the various sensations of the body like tension, pain, relaxation and warmth. You can also couple this up with breathing exercise.

Walk and Meditate –

This is also a great way to meditate. You can use this technique whenever you are walking like along a sidewalk in a city or a through the tranquil woods or the mall. Focus on the movement of your leg and slow down your pace. You can also use action words like “moving”, “lifting” and “placing” during the process.

Keep Repeating a Mantra –

Whether you are religious or secular you can follow a mantra during meditation that will help you to concentrate more.

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It is true that most of us are very conscious about our physical health but remember that our mental health is equally important and it is critical that we ensure that it remains healthy and fit. By following the various meditation techniques mentioned above or by seeking an expert’s advice for that, our mind becomes clear, focussed and capable of handling demanding and stressful situations. That is how you can use meditation for leading a meaningful and calmer life.

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