Pregnancy Test – Things You Should Know

Pregnancy Test – Things You Should Know

Beware ladies, it is possible today to check at home itself whether someone is pregnant or not. There is no need to visit a doctor, get test after test done and wait with bated breath the result. Those were the things of the past, and now a simple kit can do the task for yourself.  

So, if you ever suspect being pregnant, you can get the test done in an easy manner and clear the doubts. Before taking the test, you should know how it all is done to get the accurate results smoothly. With right knowledge, you’d better off in analyzing the test results and becoming sure about your pregnancy status.

How pregnancy is detected?

Well, you should know that your urine will have a presence of a hormone called hCG (produced by the fetus) in case you’re pregnant. The hormone will rise in levels on a gradual manner as the pregnancy progress, and it will at peak around 8-11 weeks before coming down lower level at 12-16 weeks.


With kits available to check the pregnancy, you can know the hormone level (hCG) in the urine and know the exact status. So, those who are pregnant can find the hormone level ranging from 25 to 50 to 100 mlU, depending upon whether the test taken 10 or 12 or 14 days past ovulation.   

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Are Pregnancy Tests Accurate?

No, not all pregnancy tests tend to be accurate. But yes, you can trust some of them to get accurate results. By the way, 9 out of 10 of those tests claim accuracy when done on the first day of the missed period or earlier.  

You should also know that not all tests have good detection limits for the hormone H-hCG. Either your test is faulty or you have extremely low hormone levels for these tests to determine. And this is why chances of getting a false negative than a false positive are more with these tests.    

When to Take a Pregnancy Test

Many ladies are not sure when to take the test for accurate result. Well, they should know the kits available for tests are made to detect hCG hormone levels in the body for those who’re pregnant. Doctors recommend taking the test on the first day of the missed period, though it’s not unlikely for the body to produce the hormone before the period is due.  

So, a positive result is likely in case the test is done earlier than the first day of the missed period but in such cases, the chances of inaccuracy are higher. Similarly, the result may also be negative as the hormone levels are not usually high to ascertain the pregnancy. 

Further, it’s also possible that the test shows a positive result but does not lead to pregnancy due to miscarriage. So, you have to understand these things better to get the best out of the test. 

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Is the morning best time for the best?

Yes, particularly in cases where you’re early in your pregnancy as the hormone hCG is at its highest levels early in the morning. So, clearly, you know what the best time to test is. But yes, you need to avoid taking excessive fluid as it can dilute the hormone concentration and then kits may not be able to get accurate results.   

More so, ladies are advised to go by the instructions provided with the test as the procedure tends to vary and not abiding by the manufacturer’s manual can impact the accuracy of the pregnancy result.   

Effect of medication on the pregnancy test

Many ladies want to know the effects of medication on the pregnancy test they plan to take or have already taken. Well, they should know certain medications do impact the test but surely not all of them. They contraceptive pill does not impact the test so do painkillers in any way. You can also be sure about antibiotics not influencing the results in any ways.    

However, fertility medications often contain hCG and thus, they are bound to fetch a false positive. After all, the kits are developed to detect the very hormone you may be taking so the results can be false positive. You can talk to the doctor and know more about that.   

About repeating the test?   

It’s possible that the result is negative and you want to repeat it to get further clarity. So, you can test again if your period is not started after a few days. It’s possible that you may have miscalculated the cycle dates or the hormone level has been too low for clarity. Rather than doubting your pregnancy test kit, you should consult the doctor if there is negative result after the second test and you still have no period. Who knows, even a blood test may do the job for you.

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