Primary Reasons for Injuries and Safety Tips to Adhere to in a Trampoline Park

Primary Reasons for Injuries and Safety Tips to Adhere to in a Trampoline Park

Indoor trampoline parks have gained immense popularity, in the last few years, among both the kids as well as the adults. It is not only a place for great fun and enjoyment but it also delivers opportunities to stay in shape and contributes to your physical strength.

In spite of this being such a fun destination, frequent injuries are also observed in trampoline parks. These may include ACL tear, ankle sprains and even ankle fractures caused from missed landings or falls when jumping on the trampolines. If the child lands on his or her head, there are also chances of concussions. In fact, there are certain dodge ball areas that can hit the children in the head very easily.

Below are enlisted some of the primary reasons for injuries when on a trampoline. Just go through them to gain some insight.

Hitting the Frame –

By the general rule, jumpers should always stay in the center of the trampoline at the time of bouncing. When the control is lost, injury may be caused by hitting the frame. You must not jump on the safety pad directly.

Going for Summersaults –

Landing on the neck or head can cause massive injury that can lead to paralysis and even death. This can happen even if one lands in the center of the trampoline. So you should attempt this only when you are hundred percent sure.

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More than One Person on the Trampoline –

There are chances of severe injuries when there are more than one person on a trampoline. There are chances of collision that can lead to serious injuries in future.

Inadequate Level of Skill –

Attempting skills over one’s ability can cause paralysis, injuries and death. So you should assess your ability first and then go for attempting the stunts.

Using Alcohol and Drugs –

A jumper’s condition is impaired due to the drug usage and alcohol. This may lead to loss of control that may lead to severe injuries.

Bouncing with Foreign Objects –

If you bounce with foreign objects, you can greatly enhance the chances being injured. This may include a number of objects. Phones, cameras and keys are the most common types of devices that are responsible for causing injuries.

Climbing –

You should be alert and conscious of those who are jumping along with you. Preferably you should jump with people who are more or less of the similar size with that of you.

Here are some recommendations for the parents if their kids are trampolining.

  • It is advisable to let only one child use the trampoline at a time.
  • You should watch out for your kids. Just being present is not going to prevent any accident.
  • Check the padding of the trampoline if it is alright.
  • See to it that your kids shouldn’t perform flips or summersaults as that can cause cervical spine injuries and catastrophic head injuries.

The above are some of the things that you must keep in mind at the time of bouncing on the trampoline. If you adhere to the suggestions and avoid the chances of accidents then trampolining will surely become one of your favorite indoor activities in the no time at all.

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